“Here and Now” nationally syndicated public radio coverage of Octava at River Oaks Chamber Orchestra, Houston:


Houston NPR podcast covering Octava at the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra, February 13, 2015; re-­broadcast by Texas Standard (an NPR program co-­produced by KUT-­Austin, Houston Public Media, KERA-­Dallas and Texas Public Radio-San Antonio):


Alecia Lawyer, Artistic Director of the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra:

  • “Our entire mission is to shape the future of classical music. Octava enabled our musicians and composer to speak in the moment of performance to our audience and authentically engage them further in our musical conversation. Our audience was thrilled with the experience.”

Audience member response from National Orchestral Institute:

  • “At first, I was skeptical,” Magill said. “It seemed like it might be imposing on a very old tradition. But it’s really subtle. And it gives a context for the musical ideas you’re hearing.”